What is Perlite & Is It Good for Bonsais?

Perlite soil additive
April 19, 2022 0 Comments

Perlite is able to absorb moisture on the outside but not the inside. This is exactly the reason why it makes perlite a great way to provide moisture while simultaneously aerating the soil. That said, it is very porous and some water will get out of it, unlike some other soil additives like vermiculite. As …

Scoria Red Lava rock | Bonsai Soil

Bonsai Lava Rock
April 2, 2022 0 Comments

Bonsai plant roots need to breathe to thrive and to prevent root rot. Scoria Red Lava rock bonsai soil allows for optimal drainage which increases aeration. Ideal for improving moisture control, its porous nature allows lava rock to absorb excess water. Used in bonsai soil mixtures to add grit, it’s a great addition.   Want …

Kanuma Bonsai Soil

Kanuma bonsai soil
March 2, 2022 0 Comments

Choosing Kanuma soil can have a positive impact on your plants’ growth from making their roots stronger to better foliage. This is the reason why you should know all the details and the benefits about Kanuma soil to grow your bonsai, kokedama, and acid loving plants. Where Does Kanuma Come From and How is it Made? …

What is Pumice | Bonsai Soils

Pumice soil
January 10, 2022 0 Comments

Pumice bonsai rock is great for various types of Bonsai plants. Bonsai soil needs materials that will provide some grit to create well draining soil and proper aeration for the plant roots.  Pumice stone is often mixed with other types of bonsai soil such as Akadama, Lava rock and other organic materials. Pumice soil can …

What is Akadama | Bonsai Soil

December 2, 2021 0 Comments

Akadama is a natural clay-like mineral soil that is great for plants grown in Bonsais or Kokedama form. This Japanese volcanic clay is hard-baked, sifted by size and produced specifically for bonsai purposes. It will start deteriorating after 2-3 years and you will need to repot your bonsai plants to continue enjoying the many benefits. …

Japanese Maple Bonsai Care

October 13, 2021 0 Comments

Have you ever wanted to grow a Japanese Maple indoors? Well, now you can! All you need is to know how to care for a Japanese Maple Bonsai. But before you add this miniature beauty to your home or office, let’s take a closer look at some Japanese Maple Bonsai care tips.  Japanese Maple Bonsai Native …

Preserved Sheet Moss

Sheet moss
July 28, 2021 0 Comments

Did you know that moss is one of the oldest plants found on Earth?  It’s true!  Experts can date moss as far back as 298.9 to 252.2 million years ago. Since then, moss has made its way into the hearts of gardeners all over the globe – especially the versatile sheet moss. Sheet moss is fun …