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Luxury rose boxes

Eternal Rose Boxes

Our Handmade Rose Boxes can Last for a Year

Long lasting roses are the perfect gift to please your loved ones. Our roses will stay looking fresh, lush and soft to the touch for 12 months. Preserved using natural & biodegradable solutions. As a result, eternity roses are an environmentally friendly alternative to fresh roses. They last much longer than fresh roses but still look and feel the same. Because they are preserved it reduces the use of pesticides as fewer roses need to be grown.

Whether it’s for a Valentine’s Day Gift, Mother’s Day Gift, Birthday Gift or any other special engagement, these exceptional flowers will reflect your affection and love for up tp a year. Each and Every box is Hand-Made in our Marvly flower & plant Studio,  our Rose box arrangements are made with the greatest care to ensure that the box presentation is as aesthetically as pleasing as possible.

Maintenance-free, you don’t need to water them, simply keep them away from direct sunlight and any heating or cooling element or vent. Keep them looking fresh by giving them a light dusting with a soft duster.

Luxury Rose Box

Give the gift that lasts – A Rose box is the perfect gift

You can enjoy these real roses for a year and their velvet touch. Marvly offers a variety of colors to choose from. Marvly is committed to delivering your eternal roses in perfect condition across Canada. We pay special attention and care to packaging. Marvly’s eternal roses that will ensure that your loved one can proudly display and enjoy their gift for a whole year.

Our luxury preserved roses are available in a variety of colors and look amazing in any home or business setting. With such a variety of floral designs available, you will have no trouble finding the perfect luxury rose box gift.

Preserved roses symbolize deep feelings of love, friendship and family.  For this reason, our ever lasting roses are selected for their quality and beauty. These pretty floral gifts arrive in a bespoke box that includes a special note from you. If you need help choosing the right flower arrangement, just contact our staff and we’ll be happy to help.


Kokedama Kits

Turn your Plants into Living Art

Having houseplants comes with tremendous benefits. Plants are natural air purifiers and remove harmful substances from the air. We hope to inspire people to see the beauty and benefits of incorporating plants into their lives by transforming them into living art with our Kokedama Kits.

Get inspired! Make your own Kokedama with our easy to use DIY Kokedama Kits. It comes with everything you need to create your own work of art.

Learn More About the Art of Kokedama

The Japanese word ‘Kokedama’ translates to ‘Moss Ball’, ‘Koke’ – meaning ‘Moss’ and ‘Dama’ meaning ‘Ball’. Also known as a string garden as its often displayed  suspended by strings. This visually stunning form of plant styling dates back centuries to the Edo era in Japan. Find out more about the history of Kokedama’s here.

Kokedama is a descendant of the Nearai Bonsai style. With a lot of time, patience and if you take good care, your kokedama will develop into a Nearai.  A Nearai Bonsai is when the roots system is so dense and is tightly bound together that it hold its shape. Often times once it gets to this stage of its development the roots will start showing outside the moss ball, creating an even more beautiful visual effect to display.



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