What is Perlite & Is It Good for Bonsais?

Perlite soil additive
April 19, 2022 0 Comments

Perlite is able to absorb moisture on the outside but not the inside. This is exactly the reason why it makes perlite a great way to provide moisture while simultaneously aerating the soil.

That said, it is very porous and some water will get out of it, unlike some other soil additives like vermiculite. As a general rule of thumb, it works wonders with cactus, succulents or plants that don’t require as much water retention.

Preventing soil from being too compacted allows for better root ramification.

Usually, perlite is used in combination with peat moss and loam to hold as much water and oxygen as possible in bonsais and kokedamas. Make sure to add not more than 10% to the soil. Check out our latest video for more information on perlite.

The Benefits of Perlite Soil for Plants

  • Your plants will have better air circulation since perlite is lightweight
  • Better drainage which prevents root rot
  • Sterile & Ph Neutral which makes it a great soil additive
  • Improves soil structure by keeping it loose
  • Is very lightweight and can be used to lighten heave plant containers.


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