Preserved Sheet Moss

Sheet moss
July 28, 2021 0 Comments

Did you know that moss is one of the oldest plants found on Earth? 

It’s true! 

Experts can date moss as far back as 298.9 to 252.2 million years ago. Since then, moss has made its way into the hearts of gardeners all over the globe – especially the versatile sheet moss. Sheet moss is fun to use and makes beautiful home or office decor that look natural, bring a touch of nature indoors without much time or effort.

Preserved Sheet Moss vs. Living Moss

Sheet moss grows like a carpet, over rocks and earth. It is very soft and feels like a cushion when walked on. When it comes to gardening, sheet moss works best for creating unique decors for the home or office. When making a kokedama preserved sheet moss is a great choice, it’s responsibly cultivated and preserved in an environmentally friendly way.

Some might suggest that you harvest your own moss from public lands or forests but we highly recommend that you don’t do that, it’s wrong for many reasons. Living sheet moss is part of a living eco-systems which is intertwined and co-dependent on each other, taking one part away affects other parts negatively. 

When it comes to what type of moss to use for a kokedama, it is better to use preserved sheet moss instead of living moss. Living moss will lose its color over time if its not in the right environment, eventually turning brown. Preserved moss is treated in an environmentally conscious way.

To preserve moss, a combination of natural oils and food dyes are used. This makes preserved moss a non-toxic, safe alternative to natural moss. Always choose preserved sheet moss over living moss as it is better for the environment. A major benefit of preserved moss is that it won’t die. It will keep its quality and color for a long time. 

A great alternatives is coconut fibre or sphagnum moss, we especially love coconut fibre for kokedamas because its beautiful earth tone. It’s a little bit trickier to work with as its very dense but once your kokedama is wrapped in the coconut fibre it will look marvelous. Coconut fibre is natural,  allows the plant to breathe and thrive.

Have any questions about kokedamas or sheet moss? Leave us a comments and we will be happy to help you out.

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