Caring for Your Rose Box

Caring for Your Rose Box

Rose Box Care Guide

Have you received a rose box filled with eternal roses

Lucky you! 

An eternal rose box makes a luxurious gift that will last a full year– instead of just a week.

To keep your eternal roses looking their best, it’s important to understand what you need to do to care for your rose box.

Keep reading to discover the best tips on rose box care and caring for preserved roses.


Caring for Preserved Roses

Preserved roses differ from regular hand-cut roses in many ways. 

The biggest difference between the two is that an eternal rose is put through a preservation process.

This process uses natural dyes and chemicals to keep roses looking their best for up to a year. 

While still beautiful, regular, hand-cut roses will only last a week in a vase. 

Rose Box Care Guide

To help you get the most out of your rose box, check out this complete rose box care guide. It contains tips and tricks to make sure your preserved roses last.  

Avoid Direct Sunlight

The best place to display your preserved rose box is in indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight can fade the color of the roses. This is especially true for lighter colored preserved roses.

Direct sunlight also dries out eternal roses, which makes them brittle and easier to break. 

Preserved Roses Don’t Need Water

Preserved roses require minimal care. This means that an eternal rose doesn’t need water to survive.  

Eternal roses go through a preservation process. Thanks to the natural chemicals used during this process, the rose can survive without any water.  

The Right Temperature

Preserved roses dislike too much heat and frigid temperatures. 

To keep your preserved roses happy, make sure that you display your rose box somewhere that’s room temperature.

Room temperature is the best climate for a rose box because both too much heat and cold will eventually dry out the preserved roses. 

Cleaning Preserved Roses

Every month or so, you might notice your preserved roses have collected a little dust.

This is normal.

Don’t remove the roses from the box. All you need to do is dust them lightly with a duster. This will help to keep your rose box looking brand new again.

Display the Rose Box 

Part of caring for your rose box is making sure you display it correctly. You can display your rose box on a shelf, table, or your desk in your office. Your options are limitless! 

However, you want to make sure that you don’t place anything on top of the eternal roses. This can crush the petals and distort the look of the flowers. 

Handle with Care

Once you find the right spot to display your rose box, try not to move it too often. Like a regular rose, preserved roses are fragile. If you need to move your rose box, ensure it’s done with care. You will also want to leave the preserved roses in the rose box.

When preserved roses come into contact with light-colored fabrics and surfaces, stains can occur. 

The Importance of Rose Box Care

When you receive a rose box, it’s important to know all you can about rose box care. 

Caring for preserved roses is slightly different from regular roses. However, taking the time to check out this rose box care guide ensures that you’ll enjoy them for many months to come. 

Curious to know more? Contact us today to learn more about caring for preserved roses. 

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