Caring for Your Kokedama

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August 26, 2020 0 Comments

Caring for Your Kokedama

A kokedama can fit any space and creates a stunning living art piece for your home or office space. There are various ways of displaying your moss ball, they can be suspended using a string which is also known as a string garden or set on a shallow decorative dish, driftwood or tree bark.

Knowing your plant is critically important to ensure that it will thrive in the environment you provide. Below you’ll find a number of factors to take into consideration.


Avoid the harsh afternoon sun as it will dry out your moss ball faster and might burn your plant’s leaves. Its best to place your kokedama where it will get the gentle morning sunlight or a lot of indirect light.

Watering Your Kokedama

The most effective watering method is to fully submerge your moss ball underwater; plant side up (use a bowl, bucket or sink based on the size of your ball). While fully immersed in the water you’ll notice air bubbles escaping from your moss ball which is completely normal. When there are no more air bubbles you can be sure that your kokedama’s watering is complete. At this time squeeze your moss ball firmly to expel any excess air and to retain the shape. Once you’re done watering let the plant sit until it stops dripping.

You’ll know it’s time to water your kokedama when it feels lightweight – means its dry. Don’t let your plant wilt before watering.

Misting your plant is best done in the morning while the sunlight is still soft to avoid burning the leaves. Not all plants need misting it will depend on the species of plant you have but some do appreciate being misted.

Plants will need more water during the growing season (spring and summer) but remember that they will need less frequent watering during the winter when they go through their dormancy period.

Tip – Plants like room temperature tap water versus distilled water.  However, if you can collect rainwater or water from a creek or stream your plants will love you.


Your kokedama care package includes a slow-release fertilizer which is already pre-mixed into the soil, there is no need to fertilize it during the first year. Although you will need to fertilize your kokedama after the first year, we recommend using an indoor plant fertilizer which is water-soluble that you can mix in while watering your moss ball. Feed your plants once a month during the spring and summer using only half the recommended concentration.

Leaf Discoloration

Leaf changing colors is your plant’s way of communicating with you on whether you are over or under watering it.

Under-watering: Leaves browning and dry edges

Over-watering: Stem is mushy, dark brown to black in color, yellow leaves

Tip: Avoid placing your plant near heating and cooling vents (plants can be sensitive to hot or cold drafts) Spots with frequent drafts can turn leaves yellow or brown them.


Want to learn how to make a Kokedama? Follow out step by step instruction following our Kokedama Infographic, click here.

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