Swiss Cheese Plant | Monstera Deliciosa

swiss cheese plant featured image
August 13, 2020 0 Comments

The ‘Swiss cheese plant’ gets its name from its lush green leaves that are riddled with deep cut edges and slits.

An exotic beauty unlike any other this plant makes a lasting impression. Its natural habitat is the tropical rainforest, where the holes in the leaves help the plant withstand the heavy rains and wind.

This plant is a climber, in its original environment, it would grow under a large tree and climb the trunk. It will develop aerial roots which it uses to cling to large trees in its natural habitat. These roots won’t damage your walls or furniture.

Don’t be alarmed if roots start to grow out of your kokedama; you can either just let them hang and enjoy their natural artistry or once they get long enough you can just tuck them back into the soil – but don’t cut them.

It’s a well-known fact that plants promote healthy living by producing oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the air. Swiss cheese plants are especially efficient at expelling oxygen because of the large surface area of their leaves.

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